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A R U M A 



Inspired by my Jewish heritage, I wanted to explore what it means to self-express in the context of having to abide by strict rules. Being Jewish, observant or not, comes with a set of expectations. But what if those expectations do not align with our desires? And what are the sacrifices we are willing to make?



Over the course of one day, the ultraorthodox Chava escapes the confines of her rigid marriage, reconnects with her estranged secular sister and makes an intimate discovery of who she is as a woman. 


Director/Writer Stephanie Bollag

Starring Thaïs Kirby, Jonathan Levy, Jeri Silverman, Jacques Papanikolaou 

Director of Photography Anthony Saxe

Producer Stephanie Bollag

Costume Designer Ilana Breitman 

Sound Designer Bumi Hidaka

Editor Stephanie Bollag

Assistant Director Silvio Canihuante Fernández

Assistant Camera Mamadou Dia

Gaffers Rhys Jones, Lasse Ulvedal Tolbøll 

Sound Mixer Artur Szerejko

Catering Amanda Bollag


2015 Official Selection. Chelsea Film Festival.

2015 Official Selection. New York Big Mini DV Festival.

2015 Official Selection. NewFilmmakers NY.

2015 Official Selection. Southampton International Film Festival.

2015 Official Selection. San Jose International Short Film Festival.

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